[BUG] Removing a parent custom field makes his children not listable in prd edit

Started by gain, July 11, 2013, 10:02:01 AM

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I've created a parent custom field and many children custom fields, but children are not selectable in product edit.
So I've deleted the parent for having them in the list, but they don't appear.
I've noticed that, in the custom field list, children haven't the dash (-) in parent column as other fields...
So I've edited one of them, saved it and the dash appear (it also appears in the product edit custom list).

Seems that removing a parent, children associations remains instead of being deleted...

Let me know if this is the right mode to report a bug, or how to do it right...

PS: Attached a screen with custom field list and dashes: "prova1" has the dash cause I've edited it, "prova2" and "prova3" are the other children, not listed in product edit and not edited yet.

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Hmm interesting. Yeh just deletion of the fields in the group would be odd, or? But the parent relation should be removed, yepp. Thanks for reporting.
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