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Call for Pricing items can be added to cart

Started by Nocturnaloner, July 10, 2013, 23:56:06 PM

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Items with no price can be added to the cart, and they are given a $0 price.  It doesn't matter whether the 'Call for Pricing' flag is set or not.  I think this started happening in 2.0.21g


I think I see a partial answer here.  In 2.0.21g I see that in the default product template, the "if it has no price, don't load the add to cart" logic has been commented out.  This is because it conflicts with the other fix you did, which had to do with child item pricing.  Of course, my client has both child item quantity price discounts AND call for pricing items.  Any eta on a fix?


Update: un-commenting the price check in the default product template made the add to cart button not display, as it should. 

My misunderstanding was that I had a parent item with no pricing, thus it qualified for both a child dropdown (custom field), and a call for pricing link.  After giving it a price, the call for pricing was hidden for this item, but CFP does now hide the add to cart button where appropriate.


Also, I had to give my parent item a price, which wiped out the price breaks again :(  I see you guys are dealing with a lot of related issues here. Hopefully, after we put these price breaks back in again for the dozenth time, they will stay.


I fear I need to see your webpage and need BE access to understand the problem correctly
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