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Missing SEF label for Manufacturer

Started by z-analysts, June 30, 2013, 01:39:17 AM

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Please refer to my current list of language overrides in the attached image. Now go to this link - and click on Artisan: IPE then View all IPE products. Note that the resulting SEF URL - - has the word "manufacturer" in it.

Can someone please tell me which language file label I missed? I want all occurrences of the word manufacturer to be replaced by the word artisan.

Thank you.

VM 2.0.21g
Joomla 2.5.11
PHP 5.3.16

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What if you overwrite this: COM_VIRTUEMART_MANUFACTURER_NAME?


Sorry FranzPeter that does not work. Also, I could not find any occurrence of COM_VIRTUEMART_MANUFACTURER_NAME in the language files.



Sorry, I did misunderstand what you meant. If it is the word manufacturer in the sef url, you need to create, because it should maybe not be visible, a hiddenmenu if not already there. So create a menu in Joomla  (menu title: hiddenmenu, menu type: hiddenmenu and description: hiddenmenu). You can name it however you want, so this is just an example. The most important thing with that is, that you do not add a module to that menu. Inside the new created hiddenmenu create a new menu item with the menu type Virtuemart Manufacturer layout. Give it the title you wish: artisan, save it and the front page should show artisan instead of manufacturer in the sef url.