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VM tables: Safe procedure export order

Started by bobchain, May 27, 2013, 18:28:19 PM

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Hello everyone,
I'm performing a procedure that performs export order from a VM into management.
The question is why are here:
Which field identifies the successful creation of all the lines of the body of the order, so I'm sure I can process the head of that order?

This control is important as the procedure is performed every batch of export/import tot. seconds, and I would not run the risk of finding orders imported with no missing lines.

What information of which tables [mypref_virtuemart_orders], [mypref_virtuemart_order_histories], [mypref_virtuemart_order_items]  identifies that the insertion was successful (head and order detail)?

thank you!


I'm sorry, but I have not put the version of VM in use (even though I indicated in signature)

VM 2.0.20a
J 2.5.8
PHP    5.3.3-7+squeeze14

thanks all



Dear PRO,
thanks for your suggestion.
but probably the question that I posed was not clear.
I did not need to exportare the db or create a backup copy, but I need to query each tot. minutes, the orders table and import new ones in my ERP.
the batch procedure created in microsoft access, reads from mysql DB and import into an Oracle DB.

my desire was to avoid that presented situations where my procedure starts at the same time when a new record order is being added: I risk to import the head of the order and maybe not all rows in the detail of the same.

the post indicated I could be of help if what is listed
is the correct order when inserting new rows order: this means that if I have a new ID # __virtuemart_orders on the table, it means that I can proceed to its import into the ERP system.

for this was wondering if there was a field in the table head order to represent the last field in order to identify the correct insertion and permanent placement of order that ID (all rows, all additional information, all of the historical status).

thank you for the support