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migrate from vm1 to vmJ2.54/VM2.06

Started by yayo76, March 26, 2013, 09:48:28 AM

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Quote from: madsen68 on May 07, 2012, 15:56:03 PM

I have migrated from J1.56/VM 1.1 to J2.54/VM2.06

In VM 1.1 I have several children on every parent. I used them to display a variant of the product. "Mother" was for description and children was for pricing pr. unit.
Example: 1: Roll UP Standard 60 cm.  Price 200:::::::::  2: Roll up Standard 80 cm. Price  240 etc.

After migration Im having trouble getting these children to show up on the "Mother" view as models of the product.

I know it is possible to with the custom field method, BUT then I have to create custom fields for quite a lot  of products.
EDIT: And I have not been able to get this to work proberly yet on the pricing, at least I cant get it to work as needed :)
Children are there, just need them to "show" up on the "mother" page.

Thank you so much for any help.

Attached pics of the VM1.1 and Vm2.06 view

Best regards


Hi, how you migrate from vm1 to vmJ2.54/VM2.06?
Thank you