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Show shopper group related prices in shopping cart after log-in

Started by ZiviChef, January 07, 2013, 22:40:05 PM

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UPDATE: Just made the new Update to 2.0.18 and now everything is working fine.

Hello everybody,

first of all I want to thank all the experts here. Just by reading some threads I've solved lots of problems. But for this little problem, I didnot find any solutions.

We made a shop, where special members are getting discount on some products. I've managed to add a shopping group and to add different prices for the products.

If a member of the shopping group is logged in, he sees the discount prices for him. If a guest looks at the shop he sees the normal prices. So everything works here as it should.

So if a guest is starting shopping and is just going to log-in at the shopping cart, the shopping cart is not changing the prices to the member prices. So a member has to be logged in before he starts shopping to get the discount prices. Is there a way to tell the shopping cart to change the prices if someone logs in after putting products to the shopping cart?

VM 2.0.16
Joomla 2.5.8

The Shop is not an migration. I think I've started here with VM 2.0.8 or later

You can test it here if you want (Sorry the page is in German)

User: test
Password: test

The User "test" is assigned to the shopping group.

Thanks for trying to help me out  and sorry for my poor English

Greets David