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Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart product Extension

Started by David Kan, December 03, 2012, 12:47:22 PM

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David Kan

Want an instant review of your Virtuemart product on listing pages, then the "Product Quicklook for Virtuemart plugin" is what you should install to your Virtuemart website.

Many shopper want to have a quick review of product detail when they are browsing the product listing page. The Quicklook functions will not only reduce the shopping time but also will bring the convenient experience to shopper. That why your Virtuemart website should have this function.

From, we develop  excellent Virtuemart template to work with your Joomla template as well as to ensure that you can keep current Virtuemart modules, plugins. So the Quicklook function is not a template hack, but it is a Virtuemart plugin, so you can install into your current Virtuemart website, and have Quicklook feature immediately.

Main features:

-   This is a Virtuemart plugin
-   No hack into Virtuemart core files
-   No hack into your Virtuemart template
-   You can keep using your current Virtuemart template
-   Update new Virtuemart version as you want.
-   Show Rating Yes/No
-   Show Prices Yes/No
-   Show Custom Field Yes/No
-   Show Cart Yes/No
-   Show PDF, Mail, Print icon Yes/No
-   Translate "Quick View" text into your languages in plugin Configuration
-   Change Quick View window margin, font size, font weight, text color, background color
-   Change Width + Height of Pop up window
-   Change price color

All below features will give you the Maximum flexibility control to your own Quicklook Viewer to suite with your Virtuemart shop for any template you are using.


Version 3.1.0 Updated: 2015, May 22

Virtuemart Quick Look version 3.1.0

-   Compatible Joomla 3.4, Virtuemart 3.0.9

-   Remove params popup detail in administrator

-   Added more tabs: Basic options, Params Line Quickview

-   Added Params for show or hide parts on products details

-   Restrict to enter negative quantity

-   Links in popup, clicked to open new tab instead of being on popup

-   Fix review display error

-   Full description with scroll

-   After adding to cart, directing to shopping cart page

Version 3.0.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 26

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.x - 3.x

+ Add link of icon quicklook configuration

+ Add custom configuration in admin panel

Version 2.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 08

Fix bugs

# Fix "add to cart" errors on the quick view window

# Fix problems of the quick view when moving pages

# Fix Zoom effects for sharper images

# Fix the layouts more neatly

# Clean codes


+ Customize the width of popup quick view

+ Customize the height of popup quick view

+ Customize the text color of quick view

+ Customize the link color of quick view

+ Customize the title color of quick view

+ Change the font size of quick view

+ Change the background color of quick view

+ Positions of button quick view: top/ left

+ Enable JQuery library if the website does not have

+ Enable color JQuery library if the website does not have

+ Choose yes or no to display the "detail" tab

+ Choose yes or no to display the "review" tab