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Virtuemart 2 HTML5 Product Slideshow

Started by sealion, August 30, 2012, 15:38:02 PM

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Designed specifically for Joomla 2.5x and Virtuemart 2,  this versatile module can display images for your Virtuemart products in an attractive HTML5 slideshow. The module features a variety of transition effects.

  • You can choose the number of products, plus from a variety of orderings, top sales, most recently added, featured products, or random;
  • Alternatively, you can select specific products only to display in the slideshow;
  • The module can show images from a single product only - useful on the product details page for showing product additional images.
  • Or the module can select products from chosen categories


Module has neat features plus it looks handy.
I'd love to test it a couple of days before ordering though, if it is possible?
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Sorry, the problem is that it is not possible to supply a demo version. Under the licensing terms under which it is sold (GPL) we can't restrict the code so any version we supply has to be fully working. That is a condition imposed in order to be listed in the Joomla extensions directory.

Do feel free to ask any questions though. We do try to inform potential customers as much as possible.


I understand the problem providing a demo version.   However, the link to a demo site on the vendor website does not work.  So, it is difficult to see what the product really does or what it looks like with neither option available.

The link that fails is


Thanks for the notification, the link is working now.