Author Topic: VM Front Page default gone AWOL (missing)  (Read 1361 times)


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VM Front Page default gone AWOL (missing)
« on: November 19, 2012, 04:32:02 am »
Joomla 2.57
VM 2..012f

I had the Main Menu home link set to VM Frontpage so I can show the VM categories as the frontpage of the cart site. As default.*
All was well. It has now disappeared. I just get a blank frontpage on the home page where the vm cats used to be.
I think I changed two things.

1. SEO- Use Product and Category IDs was checked I then unchecked (Dont think its this)
2. Set Multi lingual shop as English. I recall I left it blank until then. And it now it wont be deleted and removed!

I also know that if Shopper Groups are selected the VM Frontpage will disappear so I have checked the following: Shipment, Payment and Products for no shopper groups set.
The only Shopper Groups are Anonymous, Default. You cannot remove these from VM or unpublish them.
New users are set default as Admin, Shopper, as normal.  But didnt change these.

In the mysql there are duplications but not sure if these were there by default??


.....etc etc......All with the same number of records so the en_gb setting has duplicated some tables. Again not sure if this is the problem, maybe they were there?

I can set out VM Categories as menu link but then it doesnt show the shop description data which I want.

Any solutions of how to fix this? In order as im going around in circles now.