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Stock Level Configuration

Started by zen69, November 15, 2012, 21:49:50 PM

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Joomla: 2.5.7
VM: 2.0.14

I have yet to find any definitive answer to this in the forum, but is there any configuration area where I can set to NOT check (i.e. ignore) the stock level on all products?


In the virtueMart configuration , go in the tab  Shopt front, there is a parameter: Display stock level . Uncheck the box.
Extensions for VirtueMart: [url=][/url]


Thanks for the reply, alatak, but that option is already unchecked.

What I was after was to be able to not enter any stock level on any product. I selected under the option "Action when a Product is Out of Stock" to "Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action" and it's all OK on that part now.

The next question is how I can disable Add to Cart option on certain products only with above settings (all products have "zero" stock level) in place? Is there a way without assigning a different Product Detailed Page template that contains no Add to Cart button?