Has anyone succesfully migrated from 1.1.9 to 2 with all information intact ?

Started by idbrokers, November 01, 2012, 02:01:48 AM

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I am having a mare of a time trying to get a large site to migrate from 1.1.9 to VM2 -in bits it appears to work, but I cant get everything across at once. In particular I am having to migrate 1200 orders which I cannot afford to loose. From what I am seeing on this forum a lot of other people are having problems - has any successfully transfered all details across completely ?

I am seriously considering transferrring everything to Prestashop and starting from scratch if I am having to go through this appaling process for the 6 sites I have to migrate. Why is this so difficult, or is that the point I am missing - its difficult for a reason, so that people actually give up.

Any advice, help or ideas would be really appreciated.


I had a lot more customers and orders to migrate. It went without big problems. Sometimes it is a server issue. It may be better to try it on a localhost installation. I agree with you that categories and products did not work as expected. I had to create the categories and products from scratch or better I did export those things from VM 1.1.9 with CSVI and did import into VM 2.x.x those exported files with CSVI.
For me the customers and orders were the most important things to preserve while migrating from VM 1.x to VM 2. And that did work.


Yes, apart from operator error, the most common issue with migration is due to server limitations. On a dedicated server you will have full control over PHP resource settings so can wind up the resources to cope with the migration demands. On a shared server this is often not possible,especially with cheaper hosts. A shared server may also not have a "later" version of PHP such as 5.3.14 where migration runs quicker than with 5.2.17 for example.

Although I try never to use a localhost, this can be the best way to migrate some sites. But a localhost will always run slower than a proper Linux server, so PHP limits will need to be set as high as possible. But when using localhost it is important to remember not to use a PHP version many releases higher than, say, 5.4.1 so as not to get issues where Joomla/VM has not yet been fully tested.
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