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Hi Guys,

I have a client that uses USBank, which owns Elavon / Virtual Merchant and I need to know how to make VirtueMart work with them.

I have seen several posts like this one: where people used the payment plugin in VM 1.X and simply changed a few lines of code.

There is also apayment plugin for the old version of VirtueMart that a guy wrote here: ttp://, but it does not appear to be compatible with VM 2.X

I have tried digging into the code in the plugin to see if there's a way to simply duplicate it and edit lines to make it work with Elavon, but I quickly got lost because I don't really have a point of reference.

Elavon / VirtualMerchant has User and Developer Guides here:, but I'm not seeing anything that helps so far.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm on a deadline here.

Thanks in advance! Cheers!


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We have developed a VirtueMart payment method plugin for the Elavon / MyVirtualMerchant / USBank merchant services system.

It is compatible with Joomla v2.5.6 or above and VirtueMart v2.0.26d or above.

More information at: