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Email notification doesnt get translated

Started by Everlast, September 18, 2012, 09:44:14 AM

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Hi guys,

when a user buys a product, in my case via Multisafepay (just a payment method here in Holland), the user gets an email with the products he bought.

But the subject of the email is "COM_VIRTUEMART_MAIL_SUBJ_SHOPPER_", without the P or the C. In my translation file it is translated. But seems to me Virtuemart doesnt add a P or C at the end.

Next thing is: The status doesnt get translated. It just says: The status of your order is.. Not confirmed, pending or whatever.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Another question regarding the same topic. Some of my sentences and words don't get translated either. Example: When I view my order in the VM backend, and want to change there status, it states Confirmed, Pending, Cancelled etc., where it should say "Bevestigd" etc. in Dutch. Same goes for the email wich the user gets - as described in my first question - but then again, that doesn't get translated at all.

I've also been sneaky enough to just translate the English files to Dutch, but that doesnt work as I expected. Then where are the translations for those words, as they don't get translated in the English version :P


Which versions of Joomla/VM2 are you using? Please use latest stable version is 2.0.10 or latest test version 2.0.11.
To locate language file errors, it helps to enable "Debug Language" in Joomla configuration and then go to the problem pages and see if it detects any errors.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?