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Product SiteMap.xml with CSVI Tutorial

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Creating a product sitemap is easy if you have
Openoffice + CSVI

Create a CSVI export file
Makes sure it has the product_url field.

!Important LOOK at the urls, and make sure they are the structure of your site.
If your main shop link is    /shop-online/
BUT, that item is not supposed to be in the url. You can use replacements in CSVI, or a "find and replace" in openoffice calc.

Add a column BEFORE the url column.
Paste this into the column.

Then, you want to copy that all the way down to the end of the products.

Next add a column AFTER the url column.
past this

COPY that all the way down.

NEXT, you have to concat the columns into 1

Create a 4th column.
Paste this into it
Hit Enter

NEXT,. you have to drag the formula all the way down to the bottom of the products.

Copy Concatenated Column.

Go into the 5th Column, and "right click, and choose "paste special"
On the "Paste Special Page"
UNCHECK "paste all"

Then, UNCHECK, "formulas"

Then click OK.

Now, your column should look like this


COPY that column,

Paste it into a notepad, or text editor file.

Paste this at the top
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <urlset xmlns="">


Paste this at the bottom

THEN, save the file as


Now your file is ready to upload to your site, and submit to google.

Hi Pro

Interesting post.

Better this method than Xmap or any other solution out there?




--- Quote from: lindapowers on January 09, 2013, 02:49:34 am ---Hi Pro

Interesting post.

Better this method than Xmap or any other solution out there?



--- End quote ---

I have not tried xmap for products

This is what I use

Hi Pro, yep I ask it cause I have seen this commented several times in the forum as being the best method for creating a sitemap.

I read something that said that Xmap and other components don't index the images for products.


Possibly a stupid question, but can I have 2 sitemaps?  One created by xmap for content and one for products?  Call them different names and submit both to Google?


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