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tax based on state/shipping address

Started by winzor, June 01, 2012, 05:17:05 AM

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Is it currently possible in VM 2, to have tax calculated based on state or shipping address?



yes - there are new versions of VM - I'm using 2.0.7 'D' test version - in that you have country and state based taxes.

You should always state the version you are using.


I'm testing J2.5.4 and VM 2.0.2.  Is it in there somewhere?


2.0.6 is the stable version and will run well on 2.5.4 joomla - I cannot see a reason why you are still on 2.0.2

2.0.7 versions are unstable and have some issues - however you may test all you like.


So your answer is, no it's not currently available on the current release?


My answer is update to a more stable version.

2.0.2 is nearly 20 versions back?  In 2.0.6 I can't remember when the taxes by state can in but I think
you should update,   test - save and then If you don't like replace your site with a back up??

I'm not being rude I just can't remember when the tax by state appeared.


I have updated to the latest, 2.0.6 and I do not see it anywhere unless its some place I'm not looking.


then 2.07 ? test versions

the version I'm using has taxes per state.


I have discovered tax by state is in VM 2.0.2.  What is/was confusing is that tax is calculated and added even in the guest cart. Once a user logs in or registers with a state then the correct tax is applied.  It was confusing to me because I did not understand why a guest would see the tax without having entered their state information. So now I have to figure out the best way to eliminate the tax displayed to guests at checkout.


This has been frustrating me too--is there any way to show no tax anywhere until a shopper adds a ship-to address?  I'm looking to set it up so that:

No ship-to address = no tax shown anywhere
Ship-to address = tax only shown in cart

I want to allow guest checkout as an option.  I'm on version 2.0.6.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


Showing and hiding taxes?

this option is available In the tax area? it says show and hide from shopper.

there are also new options in regards to price display and overrides in every product now

and there is options in configuration in pricing -

* really the tax should only apply at a state level when they type there address in,, so There must be a confiuration setting somewhere in your set up that applies to everything.?
again I'm testing 2.0.7 d versions


Thanks for replying, but it does not appear to be that simple for applying it to only the cart of folks who have submitted ship-to addresses in a taxed region in the current stable version.

When I put in a tax rate only for a specific state & country, it shows in the calculation in the sidebar and in the shopping cart when no state or country has been entered by the customer yet.  It shows up for anyone just browsing and adding items to the cart. 

Not only does it add tax, it adds tax for the two different regions I collect for, which makes it look like I am taxing the order two times when most of my customers won't be taxed even once when checking out. 

After I add a a ship-to address, the tax works just fine--only one tax rate is ever applied at one time and the rates match the states I put in for the buyer's ship-to address (tax rate A, tax rate B or no tax).

For anonymous shoppers I have checked to show "Baseprice", "Final salesprice" and "Salesprice without tax", yet the tax is still in both the sidebar and the cart page. 

I don't want folks outside my taxing region to think I might be charging them tax. :(



works perfectly for me? version 2.0.7 so lets have a look at the configuration.

I went to taxes and calculations and set a country and a state - gave it 10% vat tax.

Then I put a few products in the cart.  I then went to the address and changed the state 4 times..

It only showed the tax --only when I put or changed a particular state.   so no problem.

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All of us are using stable versions, not 2.0.7. Try your version as a guest checkout without a state and not logged in. Does the the tax show?


I do not use registered uses on this site just guests?

so the site is open.

they come - they put in the cart what they like and then add the address _ perfect? sorry.

I'm wondering what other taxes you are using or have you added to products groups - can you see I have no groups at all in my shop.? these can affect taxes.