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tax based on state/shipping address

Started by winzor, June 01, 2012, 05:17:05 AM

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2.0.7 F ,

that depends on how many options you have set in your shop.
* Australian stores do not need tax rules.
* The shop does not have complicated - dropdown variants of related items - If you just buy and sell individual items without keeping stock. ( no issues)

* but is you are trying multiple - variants , keeping exact stock and have taxes for country and state , federal and shipping then yes it may have  afew bugs.

Simple shop - no issues.

Again I have no shopper groups set and the state tax works perfectly - ( but in Australia we have no state taxes)

* at this present time - after updating to F I have an issue with the default shopper - after he logs into the shop.
There is no issue with a guest - I have reported this elsewhere.


OK, after many hours and countless forums I have found a solution for Canadian taxes in Joomla 2.5.4 and Virtuemart 2.0.6

This requires at least 2 Shopper Groups. I used "anonymous" and "default" that were set up when I installed Virtuemart.

Here is what I did:

1. Set up a new Tax Calculation Rule for each province with the following settings:
    Type of Arithmetic Operation: Tax per Product
    Math Operation: +%
    Value: number - for 12% enter 12.00
    Shopper Groups: default
    Country: Canada
    State / Province / Region: province name
    Visible: Yes for both

2. Add a product or products and set Pricing/Tax to "Apply default tax"

That is it. Plain and simple.

Anonymous visitors to the site will not see any tax.

Once a user logs in correct taxes are applied.

Hope this helps someone.



that works if you don `t plan on using the 'guest checkout' feature.

if you want to let guests purchase without registering  I found a fix:
  - set up yuor tax rates as described in your post, then go to the default_pricelist.php file & use the code

<?php if (!empty($this->cart->BT)){ ?>
remove whatever until billing address is entered
<?php ?>

wherever it references the tax rate (I also removed any reference to shipping)

this will remove all refernces to tax (and shipping if desired) in the cart until a billing address has been entered

it`s a bit of a pain as it will have to be re-done with every upgrade, but it work - this should be part of the core without having to hack!!!

(I can `t think of any instance when a potential client would want to see EVERY tax rate set up in the shop all applied at once, which is what VM2 currently does)