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Shortcut for entering Meta-Information

Started by schefzig, May 29, 2012, 14:25:57 PM

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Hi there,

After migrating from V1, I wanted to find an easy way to enter Meta-Data. The goal was to enter meta-data at category-level and to automatically take those to the products.
Since I could not find anything similar within this forum, I started experimenting a bit with meta-information and I want to share my solution.

Starting at line 261, I added an "else" to the Keys and Description

if ($product->metadesc) {
if ($product->metakey) {
    $document->setMetaData('keywords', $product->metakey);
{ $document->setMetaData('keywords', ($category->metakey) . ", " . $product->product_name);

If there are no metadata at product-level, it now takes the category-description as well as the category-keys + the product name.

Problem solved! For me, that's way better than taking the meta-data from the main-site!