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How to use Custom Field stockable variant (Explained) (video) (photos page 4)

Started by HG, March 30, 2012, 15:43:52 PM

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Wow. After spending countless hours trying to get this to work today, I finally got it working with Loris instructions (Thank you).

Too bad I can't get my Shipping or Payment options to show up, can't get prices to show up in the cart but not on the product page, and a few other issues.

WTF was VM thinking releasing this as STABLE. The first time I played with VM 1 I had a demo cart (With my own products, varients, shipping and payments) up and running in less than 3 hours.

I have put well over 40 hours (Thats a full work week) intro trying to get VM2 running (Today is my 3rd attempt since 2.0 was released) anywhere close to any VM1 shop I had done with no luck. VM team should be ashamed of themselves since are providing NO explanations, No insights, not even a comment on these issues that so many are having.

Well, my time with VM has come to a close, I will find an alternative with Joomla or find a 3rd party shop.

Thanks VM team! Way to destroy an awesome product and destroy your following.


HG , first may I commend you for spelling this out - finding VM2 step by steps is so hard - I need to control stock of "drop down sizes whatever"  I need to do this - Joomla 2.5 VM 2.0.18a

Womens Long Sleeve
Choose color , choose size - and track stock for blue sm, red large etc - you would think this would be cake , but I just cant get it -

Your step by step explains a product with an existing child - Do I need a child product for "women's long sleeve"" can you give me an example of what that would be? Now this link below , explains how to do this on product with no children but it doesn't work -

( ,

but when i get to step 7 the sizes populate, but there is no  (box) like the screen shot on that page after the refresh?

Can you or anyone please help me in some broken down step by step to achieve that I want above?  Another example:

White Fluffy Matress: choices king , full/queen  - track stock on each - I can't understand why this is so involved? I'm on a deadline - so if anyone can chime in that would be great! Thank you so much!


Quote from: staceyx on January 09, 2013, 22:38:32 PM
but when i get to step 7 the sizes populate, but there is no  (box) like the screen shot on that page after the refresh?

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing instead.



same problem box when we are supposed to create child do not appear (here a screenshot)

[attachment cleanup by admin]



I still have a problem with sorting a list in firefox.

In Firefox menu is not sorted correctly. (img)

thank you

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Hi all. I have just try all day to make this plug in to work but it just don't save me the data of the childs i create. When i click on new afeter entering SKU, Product Name, Extra Charge an Stock nothings happens... i have to click save several times then i see the childs that where create it after clicking the new button several times. But there ir no information on the childs... it just don't save anything... and on the front end i can see the title for the sizes but there is no combobox to chose it... im on Joomla 1.7.4 and VM 2.0.18a

Hope someone have a clue of what is happening!!


Hi Openglobal and all others,

When using this I found a very strange thing happen. It seem like add-to-cart and quantity fields are rendered different ways if it's a normal product or if it's a "stockable variants" product. The add-to-cart button is added to the page in the file default_addtocart.php. However if you comment out the line adding this button (echo shopFunctionsF::getAddToCartButton($this->product->orderable);) the button disappears from all normal products but NOT from "stockable variant" products. And even more strange is the fact that if you look in the browsers code window it isn't there any more BUT IT APPEARS ANYWAY!!!! Strange or super strange?? Cleaning cach doesn't matter. Any ideas why????

I like to show the button depending on the user category who is viewing the page. And I find this very hard to do if it's rendered different ways depending on the kind of product as it always seem to appear if it's a "stockable variant " product. HEEEELP!

/ Patrick



Im using Joomla 2.5.8
Virtuemart 1.0.18a (current latest)

Your instructions are true. ok.

But How can you just Add child products without specifying the "Additional charge" in the Custom Field of the parent after adding the child product. You have already specified the price of the child when you created it.
This is impossible to do for multiple shoppergroups.



                             shopGroup1              shopGroup2         shopGroup3
child1                           €10                             €7                          €5
child2                           €20                             €15                        €10
child3                           €30                             €25                        €20

All child products are real stockable products.
Basically i just want to say child1 is a child product of ParentProduct. Show the prices which is specified for each shopGroup accordingly.

Is this possible??


I have the same error... Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mysite/www/plugins/vmcustom/stockable/stockable.php on line 229

Any clues why???


FUBAR.  I know how great 1.1 was... etc... but 2.0... this is not cool.  I've been referred to OpenCart for the functions of product variants... I'm attempting to still figure this out....

STYLE#   COLOR   Division   Sizes OO   O   2   4   6   8   10   12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30   32   Total Qty   Original List   Current List
156   BLACK     /BLACK   AM                     3   1                                 4   37   37
701   HOT PINK   CC         2   12   8                                          22   179   75
704   RED   CC               3                                          3   179   75
711   BK-PURPLE   CC         2                                                2   159   75
711   OCN-ROYAL   CC            1   4   4   4   2                                 15   159   75
711   IRIS-LILAC   CC            2   3      2   1                                 8   159   75
2016   BLUE CORAL   CL            1   1   2                                       4   189   95
2020   SILVER   CL         1   1   1   1   1                                    5   235   115
2020   PETAL PINK   CL            1   1                                          2   235   115
2020   COBALT   CL         1   2   3   1   4   1   1                              13   235   115


Asked before but didn't get any reply, try again.

Why can't the "add to cart" button be removed when using stockable variants? Comment that part out in the php code but the button still appears. This only happens with stockable variants. With normal products the button disappears.

Appreciate some help here and this seem to be the only living thread for stockable variants.


Quote from: corymp on April 06, 2012, 01:12:31 AM
HG do you find that when adding an option to cart, it only adds the last option product? but displays the correct option below the product name in the cart? I can add one of every item and each has the name and SKU of the last item in the dropdown list.

...each has the name and SKU of the last item in the dropdown list


Does anyone find the solution about the problem above ?

Thank you!


Hi all,

Firstly thanks for all the work you are doing here..

I've built a site for a client - clothing everything is working perfectly EXCEPT when they add an item to the cart that has two variants e.g. colour =white size= One Size the actual text is displayed twice in the cart..

screenshot attached

Using latest version of VM and AIO 2.0.18

Hoping its an easy fix

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