Author Topic: Bug+Warning: Creating default object from empty value in cart.php on line 1304  (Read 4935 times)

Thomas Kuschel

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PHP version 5.4.0,
VM: cart.php last svn and before, Jun 05 ( 87cc427b-4a1e-0410-b729-b2260ec0f063)

I got a warning message if I add a product to the cart AND I'm not logged in (guest):
( ! ) Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/tkuschel/workspaces/cms/joomla/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/cart.php on line 1304
Remedy: - my proposal  8)
Code: [Select]
function prepareAddressRadioSelection(){

//Just in case
$this->user = VmModel::getModel('user');

$this->userDetails = $this->user->getUser();

// Shipment address(es)
$_addressBT = $this->user->getUserAddressList($this->userDetails->JUser->get('id') , 'BT');

// Overwrite the address name for display purposes
$_addressBT[0] = new StdClass();
$_addressBT[0]->address_type_name = JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_ACC_BILL_DEF');

$_addressST = $this->user->getUserAddressList($this->userDetails->JUser->get('id') , 'ST');

} else {
$_addressBT = array();
$_addressBT[0]->address_type_name = '<a href="index.php'
. '">'.JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_ACC_BILL_DEF').'</a>'.'<br />';
$_addressST = array();

Important note - Bug???:

* The else branch do only enter if the model "VirtueMartModelUser" does not exists. $this->user points to the instance of this model.
Former, I think the "if/else" should decide wheather there is a user or not?
So IMHO, at my site, the else branch is visited at no time!

Thomas Kuschel