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AlphaUserPoints payments now with PARTIAL PAYMENTS

Started by nordmograph, March 14, 2012, 18:29:21 PM

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This payment plugin allows your VM customers to pay an order using their points from the AlphaUserPoints component. It deducts points when user has enough and cancel the order and warns customer when account doesn't have the sufficient amount of points. This has been tested successfully on VM2.6

Plugin comes with 2 AUP rules, one for payment, the other for refunds.


Great news! This 5 stars (JED) payment plugin just got updated with a great new feature:
Partial Payments supported !
If customer doen't have enough points when paying the order, his points are deducted to generate a coupon that is automatically added to the current order and lowers the order amount. User can then choose another payment method to complete what's left to be paid. Simple and efficient !