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Shipping charge per product

Started by SH, March 11, 2012, 18:23:39 PM

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Is it possible to have a set shipping charge per product based on the destination?
For instance a product sent within the UK would have a £1.99 charge (each) and one going overseas would be £2.99 each.
(so 2 x products sent in UK = £3.98 shipping charge).

I have kinda managed this with lots of different weight ranges but just wondered if there was an easier way?!



I'd guess from the lack of reply that there isn't (which version are you talking about?) and never has been (I'm using VM 1.1.5 on J! 1.5.25.) a way to organise shipping like this.

Yes, I'm replying 'cos I need it too.

It seems to me it would be better if such a shipping module organised shipping by product groups somehow, where this would probably need to be a new product grouping just for the purpose of shipping, or perhaps a multiple selection of products.

D'you think?

(& the "listen to letters" doesn't seem to work)(under Fedora?)