Author Topic: USPS v4.2 error  (Read 2967 times)


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USPS v4.2 error
« on: March 05, 2012, 03:05:34 am »
I am trying to get USPS shipping module 4.2 up and running on my site but I am having a few issues.  When I leave the product weight as is, the module doesn't show up even though in debug mode there are no errors and I am receiving XML from USPS.  When I make the product weight above 20ish pounds, the module still doesn't show up but I get a debug error that says:

"Debug: The Shipping Module 'standard_shipping' couldn't
find a Shipping Rate that matches the current Checkout configuration:
Weight: 1.875
Country: USA
ZIP: 02476"

When I do this I am still receiving XML with prices and everything from USPS and I have selected express mail, priority and first class mail in the back-end checkboxes.
Any idea what this means and how I might fix it?