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Price not shown for anonymous

Started by uschmi, February 27, 2012, 02:04:37 AM

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I want to show Product prices for both logged in and anonymous users but they are not shown for "anonymous", only for "default". This issue occurs both in VM 2.0.1 and VM 2.0.2 for me.
I played arround with show price in config + in buyer group config. Tried also checking and unchecking show group-based price... but with no success.
What´s wrong?


Hi Uschmi,

We need the same products but different prices for different shopper groups.  -

Ok I can get something - I can log in anonymous or a group and see change in price - but the calculation needs to be _   % discount on the original price per product - ( sometime it changes the product price correctly sometimes it does not.)
Tax per product does not appear to affect certain products -   eg (tax per product) - 12 .  does not change the price of some products and others it does - yes they are in the same category.


Thanks for your answer John!
But I cannot figure out what you meant.  :(

Just another try to explain my problem:
- we just have 1 price for each product
- we want to show the product price in our shop wether the customer is logged in or not
- while the customer is logged in, he can see the price
- while he isn´t logged in, he cannot see the price <- this is my problem

What do I have to do to show the product price even while the customer/user is not logged in?



Uschmi  - I spend quite some time trying to configure the the settings and infact chnged my post to you about 10 times.

* In the end I go it going or "showing a Price" which you wanted for a logged in group.

* So what we wanted was - price for public - and a different price for anonymous - and for some products this worked.

* I suggest though that you create your own group - leave the anonymous group alone and create one yourself ( that appeared to work for me) - I'm still workig on this issue and I think some products show the discount because that are the parent product. where others are children and do not.

I'll try and do a more detailed description tonight when I return from work -

* I think the price issue is related to the type of tax I was using.  but I could turn it on and off. ( or I could see it one moment and then I touched a button and it was gone)


Found the solution - so simple  ::) :  my tax rule was only assigned to "default" but not to "anonymous"...