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The Calculation rules/calculation system of virtuemart 2

Started by Milbo, February 26, 2012, 19:46:31 PM

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The system itself is fast explained and it is quite easy, but it creates a lot of different possibilites, which can be combined.

A calculation rule is defined by the type, the mathematical operation, the value and the different dependencies you can set below.

The type is defining when a calculation rule is is used. In short there exist

price modification before tax
price modification after tax

The value and the mathematical operation say whats todo with the given price.

In VM2 we follow always the rule, that when you do not enter anything specific it is not used.

So when you do not enter a category, the rule is meant for all categories. Combining the pricing rules with unpublished categories makes them very strong. For example in germany there are two different VAT for Food and Non-Food article. In this case I would create unpublished categories food and nonfood and add every product either to the one, or the other category and create two corresponding rules for it.

With the date feature you can setup saisonal discounts before, so that you cannot miss them.
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