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Two different types of shopper how?

Started by Fintan, February 19, 2012, 09:16:23 AM

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I am setting up a site with prices for "normal" shoppers and wholesale shoppers.

This is what I have done so far:
- set up two top level product categories: normal shopper and wholesale with product subcategories for each.
- published a product for each toplevel/subcategory with a different price for each.

I have set up a menu item for each top level category but that does not really work as each visitor can see into both categories.

What I would like to do is show the products corresponding to the shopper when he/she logs in.
When a normal shopper logs in he/she will the the "normal shopper" prices.
When  wholesale shopper logs he/she will see the wholesale prices.

Is there a plugin/module whereby the the visitor can choose between normal shopper and wholesale shopper at registration and this choice is then reflected in shopper management?


I followed another path:
I published all products only once, added in Orders/Customer Groups a new group. You can give this new group a discount.
IMO you have to add registered users manually to this new group, as they are by default in the -default- group.
When users of this new group login they automatically get the discounted prices.
Does this help?


Thank you for the thought.
I had that idea as well but the difference between public products and wholesale products is not always the same.

For example:
product A is 30% cheaper where product B is 25% cheaper and product C is 22% cheaper.

I am still looking for a way for the visitor to register either as public or wholesale visitor.


When you want to show some products only to this or to that group, you should use a child product, and only giving it a category (or it wont be visible in the FE).
When you want to change the prices, I would use the calculation rules. Remember that you can give a product an unpublished category and use them only for calculation. For example in your case I would create 3 rules. You can also just override the generic rules. Easier to set, but can have strange side effects. For example you do some months later a discount for a category and the already discounted shoppergroup wouldnt get it then.
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Thank you for that. I couldn't wait so this is what I did for now.
It is not perfect but a step forward.

- I set up to top layer categories: Normal shopper and wholesale
- I put the product categories in the corresponding product top layer category as sub category.
- Created the products for normal shoppers with the relevant prices.
- I cloned those products and put them in the wholesale shopper category with the corresponding prices.
- I created one menu item for normal shoppers and one for wholesale shoppers.
- I created two new users: one for normal shoppers and one for wholesale shoppers.

Now when I login as normal shopper I can see both menus and the category view for both types of shoppers but only the products for normal shoppers will show.
The same applies for the wholesale user. He can see both category view but only the wholesale products.

I hope this is not too confusing as far as explanations go.

Now what I would ideally like to have is the normal shopper only seeing the normal shopper menu item and vice versa for wholesale shoppers.

Also I would like to have the possibility of the visitor choosing between normal shopper and wholesale shopper at registration so he will be assigned the proper permission at registration. For now I have to do this manually for wholesale shoppers.

If you want you can check this out here to see what I mean:

Login as user:demo, password: demo2012

You will have the normal shopper rights.

If I can't get separate menu items depending on the shopper I would like to have a text message appear to explain that this page is not visible for that shopper when he clicks on a category and goes to the product page, which is empty if he does not have the permissions to view that page.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

PS. I am not sure anymore which version I am using. Either 2.0.1 k or 2.0.1 n. Extension manager shows 2.0.2


Okay I have figured out the menu issue. I had to creat new access levels for each shopper.

Now all I need is a registration window where the shopper can registrate as normal shopper or as wholesale shopper.

Any ideas?