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Using a different database with Virtuemart

Started by afvalzak, February 06, 2012, 15:55:20 PM

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Since Joomla 2.5 has the power to use different databases without to much of a hassle it would be nice if Virtuemart can support this as well.
I am currently working on a project with a customer who already has a MS SQL database which works perfectly fine with Joomla 2.5.
But Virtuemart is still using hard coded (MySQL) query┬┤s I guess?

After installation I get a few query errors and no database tables are created at this point.

I wouldn't mind fixing this but I am wondering what's the best way.
I can ofcourse change all the query's to MS SQL compatible query's but this is a lot of work and doesn't apply to different databases.
I haven't quite gotten into the way Joomla does it at this point, but that looks like the best way to do this.

Please give me some suggestions, if someone's is already working on something like this then I would like to hear it :)