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Menu item for all manufacturer's products in category

Started by yoyoyo, January 31, 2012, 18:30:23 PM

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Let's imagine 2 categories C1 and C2. Each has products from manufacturers M1 and M2.

How can I create menu items showing manufacturer's products in each category:
* all products in C1 from M1
* all products in C1 from M2
* all products in C2 from M1
* all products in C2 from M2


I try to get some answer here:
in image 6  ... maybe it will be a jump to all VM users could get this option in future to have a Manufacturer Menu...
where we could choose/select the Manufacturer Brand Name/Logo...
and then jump to that specific Manufacturer Product Categories ...

but at this moment can find yet that option in Vm2
VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25