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Tax not showing in cart

Started by woonydanny, January 26, 2012, 07:14:15 AM

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I have set up a default tax rule in VM2.0 that is for GST so that is +% 10

I see that it is applying to products (eg a shirt that is $70 has a final price of $77 which is correct), but in the cart the Tax column is $0 and the total column is $77.
How do i make it so the product is $70 and the tax is $7 and the total price to pay then shows as $77?



Do you use the tax rules for the whole bill? There was a gui bug yes, not found before, because not many people used it yet. It should be fixed in 2.0.1.c, please try.
It also holds the used taxes for every product, so with a template override you can also show the used taxes.
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