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Customer will not log out or clear the screen once they have purchased

Started by John2400, January 24, 2012, 13:50:00 PM

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Once the customer has purchased an item I see that they can go back and buy more etc. Maybe that is good. But The billing ' to address' stays on the screen.

It should have a clear or finish buton or refresh - 'No normal refresh ' will not clear the billing adress.
Where is the clear button -?

any ideas -

Did a new install of the software today J1.7.3 and VM2.0.1 - Issue still on this version ? I purchased a product received emails and both vendor and client and could not clear the screen of my address - even firefox, explorer, chrome -


THis was solve with a simple explanation from the team - to let me know tha the cart should clear when a money transation happens.

Not in the test mode I was using as I was just testing the email.

The idea is that if My purchse is real and goes through then the issue has finished - but If I do forget to pay it allows me to come back and choose a second option for payment.

Thanks team.