SOLVED: Products dissappeared after changing language in Joomla

Started by freeme, January 28, 2012, 18:16:47 PM

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I set up VM 2.0 in Joomla 1.7.3 English, set up several products, then downloaded the German language files for Joomla and changed the default language of the front/backend of Joomla to German.

Now all products & categories dissappeared. When I change the Joomla frontend language back to English, all products are back again.

How can I show the products in German language as well???????



I had the same problem.
To avoid this you should first set language and then add products, because there are separate tables for each language in database, like this virtuemart_products_en_en
So now you don't have tables for German language. What you have to do is to switch to language you need and start adding products.
As for me, I noticed it after I added 100 products, it was really horrible. I reinstalled joomla and virtuemart , set necessary language and after that edited dump I made before. Lot's of work, actually, but it helped me.
Good luck!
UPD. but I needed only one language


We pointed on that often. You must choose your desired language first.

But I am really sorry for coin. There is a much easier way, when you did that error. Old languages tables dont get deleted. So when you change from english to german,.. german tables get created. I would just delete them again and rename the english tables with the german suffix. So the actual work would be for me 10 minutes.
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Thanks Coin & Milbo!
Anyway - at least a confirmation that there is no "bug", its a feature! ;)

Milbo - which table should I rename, where is it located?

EDIT: Found the solution here:

Works like a charm! :)