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How to Set a Tax Rate for California?

Started by rossstudio, January 12, 2012, 21:56:54 PM

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VM 2.0, Joomla 1.5

I can quite figure out how to set sales tax for California residents. The manual is only for VM 1.X and is thoroughly confusing when trying to set up a 2.0 shop. What am I missing. I go to the "Tax & Calculation Rule Details" and I see "State/Province/Region" and I assume I should be able to put "California" or choose California in there somewhere. I enter the word but then it disappears. In need to set a rate for California residents only with a rate of 7.75% on items purchased. How do I do this?



Ok, I don't know what changed or happened but now the Country Drop Down and State Dropdown are active (I could not see them before). I don't know what I did but it seems to work