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Product variant or childs

Started by balu18765, January 06, 2012, 16:44:28 PM

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Hey folks,

Thanks for VM2 at first. Really appreciate the developing!

I try to configure product variants. I wish to have a main product e.g. t-shirt and on the product-details-page there should be eather a drop down menu with selectable variants with different prices or there should be an "add to cart" button for every variant... It should also be possible to choose e.g. 2 items of variant a and 3 of variant b and put all five items in the cart...

I tried several options with the custom fields and the product child option. But it just seams not to be so easy. In the case of child products the products appear as independent products. In the case of custom fields the variants appear and change the price but they are just choosable all together.

I'm sure it's pretty simple and I just didn't found the right way. Can anyone help me please in this?

Thanks a lot


I'm not clear about your problem, but it sounds a bit like you are looking for Product Builder - see
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Thanks for your help.
May be I have to clarify.

i whish to set up a product in different variations.
On the product details page there should be a quantity box, price and add to cart button for every variation

For example:

Option: Red, Quantity 1, Price: 20 USD, "Add to cart"
Option: green, Quantity 1, Price: 22 USD, "Add to cart"

Thanks for help in advance