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which one is better url if thinking SEF

Started by Venkko, December 27, 2011, 08:47:10 AM

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I am removing /component/virtuemart/ -text from the url and was wondering which one is better url for SEF purpose.

For example if domain is: and products are baby products.

Which one these URL:s is better?  (This is what I get is I use "VirtueMart Default Layout")
or (this one I get if I use "VirtueMart Category Layout")

If I use that default layout I can get babyproducts word on url and babyproducts is widely used search frame for the products that my webshop is selling.

thanks! (J 1.5 & VM 1.1.5) (J 1.5.23 & V2.0.0)

Studio 42

If you wan't a good sef, write it for your customer.
Most of search engine do not look anymore for sef link but the page contain and the quality.
Write good description, incomming links is more important, that SEF URL (and head datas).