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removing the "Free" default from prices

Started by jross, December 22, 2011, 01:53:17 AM

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Hello, I'm using VM2.0 on a J1.7.3 site.

I'm trying to find the right language file to remove the "FREE" default setting when using a custom field. Can some one please point me to the right place to edit the language file?

I've seen the post about the override function here but that doesn't actually help me find the correct file to edit.

Any help would be appreciated.



I would like to know this too.. 

I found the COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_PRICE_FREE in the en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini language file.  But using the override function doesnt work.  When I edit the COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_PRICE_FREE it leaves the colon in the list item which looks silly.

Having the colon next to all the options that dont change the price is annoying.
Hopefully somebody can say how to remove this properly.