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tax: base price vs cost price

Started by snewpers, December 21, 2011, 16:51:24 PM

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I did check all topics concerning taxes, but I still can't find in 2.0 what was easy in the previous version.
In the old version I could enter a price for an item INCLUDING taxes, and the price without taxes would
automagically appear.

There's no entry box anymore and after fiddling around with the taxrules I came to the conclusion that
I'm now supposed to enter the salesprice EXCLUDING taxes and that the taxrules will then calculate the
new price INCLUDING tax.

Old situtation:
I enter 69 in the 'included price' box and the taxrules figure out the price without taxes (57.98319)  [19% tax]

Am I missing something now?

Thanks :)


The reverse calculation is not yet available. But it is capable to calculate your final sales price including your profit margin from the cost price, which is what every normal merchant does.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?



... I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I'm not trying to find out what my profit will be, I know that part :)
I do want to know how to set the salesprice, for instance 25 euro including 19% taxes. The salesprice without taxes would be 17.01

So, in order to get to a final salesprice of 25 I have to calculate (manually) what I should enter in VM. This was something that worked
in the previous version.

Thanks anyway :)


Quote from: jjk on December 22, 2011, 23:08:44 PM
The reverse calculation is not yet available.

Anybody know if this possibility is coming in a (near) future release? Not having it is kind of a showstopper for the project I'm working on.


Hi jjk,

I'm joining Egert request in order to know when the reverse calculation will be available...

I don't choose my sales prices according to the tax in real life!

Without this feature I have no other choices than setup a 0% taxes which is really a bad solution...

In other words, it is also a showstopper for me...