Author Topic: Hack browse and flypage: display Two Different Prices  (Read 2303 times)


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Hack browse and flypage: display Two Different Prices
« on: December 07, 2011, 12:33:44 PM »
Hello everyone.

Well, the problem I have is this. I wish that the store always displayed two prices: one would for an ordinary user (without discounts) and the other would be for members, users vip ... (With discounts or special prices, why will always be different prices). Both prices should always be visible but the price for members, users vip ... only be informative (its function is to show everybody that users have vip discounts and special prices).

The images "virtuemart DEFAULT" and "virtuemart HACK" can clarify what I do.
- The image "virtuemart DEFAULT" shows the back-end and front-end of a product.
- The image "virtuemart HACK" shows what I get. In the back-end product should be added two new fields ("Description member" to include texts such as "Vip users (-30%)", "members (-10 €)", "special price"... and "Price member" to include the price. The text field "Description Member" to be translated into any language.
- The image "VirtueMart Currency Selector" is to clarify that the price "Price member" can be converted to dollars, pounds, etc..

Anyway, I have been researching the forum and many websites and have come to this conclusion:
1. There include the fields you want in jos_vm_product. For example, in this case can be member_description and member_price.
2. We must change the file ps_product.php. The array must put something like member_price '=> $ d [' member_price ']) (continuing the example above).
3. We must change the file product.product_form.php. This file is to include the admin of the products form the new fields ("Description member" and "Price member" appears in the picture "virtuemart HACK").

Due to my limited knowledge of php, I can not continue with this project.

If anyone knows how to do this I need or if you have any questions, you can contact in this post or sending me a private message.

Thank you very much.

Jose +

"virtuemart DEFAULT".
"virtuemart HACK".
""VirtueMart Currency Selector"".


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Re: Hack browse and flypage: display Two Different Prices
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2011, 18:40:45 PM »
did you find anyone,    we have done this before and there is also a hack that will do this.

click on product/description on top menu

the only tweak needed is the ability to show both prices
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