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main vm component missing (after i upgrade from vm198h to vm198rc2l )

Started by manch, November 08, 2011, 12:29:06 PM

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My client bought a joomla template that has vm v198h integration. After i installed the whole package which is for joomla1.7, it works but i found somethig wrong with vm which is not mentioned in the template. The coupon editing is not answering! So i had to update the vm version (because its a bug with coupon editing) if i want to use this feature. But after i put the vm198rc2k into this template the vm component had disappeared. I found this problem once time before ,but suddenly solved somehow without anything changing...but not now. So my question: How can i use this template (link down) with the upgraded vm versions (where the coupon editing works )? Today i found a new version of vm v198rc2l and i installed it with aio but i still have the same problem.

Here is the testsite:
If you choose from first top menu item(könyveink)a subcategory then the component not shown.

Here is an example
or this error comes if i choose a book.
( * 404 The requested product does not exist.)

OK I FOUND THE ANSWER! At SHOPFRONT tab in configuration panel i have to check in "Show products that are out of Stock"