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Successful transaction not showing up in

Started by coomerguy, October 24, 2011, 18:49:21 PM

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I'm a relative novice and both VirtueMart and  I hired a developer, who can't seem to get this figured out . . . so I'm taking this into my own hands.  My client has set up an account.  I have followed numerous instructions on how to get the Virtuemart Credit Card stuff set up and integrated.

I went through many test orders and get SUCCESSFUL transactions in Virtuemart.  I see the order, I get the confirmation email, etc.  But when I log into, I see no transaction.  ANY idea on where to start?  Additional questions?  I'm in desperate need to figure this out immediately.



Yes, that is where I'm looking to see them.  Is it at all possible that something goofy is happening with the TEST MODES?  I have both in test mode (authorize and virtuemart) and I am using a fake CC number that I found in one of these forums for testing.  Should I be doing something different?


I dont know if you can have successful transactions with test mode.

I would call


Ah, yes.  That was it.  I thought test transactions showed up successfully, but didn't process.  Thank you so much.