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VM2 Is it available?

Started by tilomoz, November 06, 2011, 05:50:33 AM

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Hi Guys

I am new to VM, however I am intending to implement it with my 1.7 site. The thing is that I am confused. Can someone confirm if VM2 is available or not? According to the press release it isn't ready yet, however by these post it looks like it is out there already.

Therefore if it is out already can someone send me the link to download it, if not when will VM2 be available.




Vm2 is available.
The project is still in a RC, and the version number for RC is called 1.9.8...

You can find it here under the label 2.0:


Thanks. Will there be an upgrade path to the generally available version?


Yes, you could use RC2b and directly update to M
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