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Grabbing Attributes

Started by virtue111, October 25, 2011, 20:31:26 PM

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We just used the migrator from 1.5.x to the latest 2.0 RC and it is absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe that it could all be done automatically like that! The only small problem is that the attributes did not port over. After multiple attempts, I see that the migrater just does not seem to pay attention to the attributes, and I'm guessing this is because the entire system has been overhauled for 2.0.

Is there any way to get the attributes from our products over automatically? I know this is a huge request, but if there is anyone who can point us in the proper direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Having to redo all of the attributes into the new system will be a pain in the a :o :o. Thanks!


Thank you for the nice words :-)

The port of product types, attributes and variants is very nasty, because we have two completly different systems, the other stuff is compared to that relativly easy.

You maybe noticed that you should enter a flypage and browsepage before you start the migration process. There are a lot things in detail, which is depending very much by the user. Some people want to port it, others not, some want that way, others this way. So we decided that it maybe the best to write an extra migrator component for this.
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Thank you for your response. The nice words are very well deserved since the new version of Virtuemart is... AWESOME! :) I could tell the attribute system was completely different than the attributes of olde :) Instead of just being in a row in the database, the new system has its own table!

However, I just have to ask since you said
QuoteSo we decided that it maybe the best to write an extra migrator component for this.

Does that mean something is coming from the Virtuemart team or are you saying that the Virtuemart team decided that this task was best to 3rd parties? I was just confused.

Thank you for your prompt reply!