Migrating (J1.5.20 VM1.1.5) to (J1.7 VM2) looking for some insite

Started by JonathanCA, October 25, 2011, 18:26:46 PM

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Hi everyone and thank you in advance for looking into the issue for me.

Old Site
Joomla  1.5.20
Virtuemart 1.1.5

The cart has ~150 products all with custom attributes, multiple pictures and quantity based pricing. Each product is associated with about 20+ categories, 1 manufacturer and <div> based short and long descriptions.

New Site
Joomla 1.7
Virtuemart 2

The old developer attempted to migrate it from the old site, but the files and database were pretty mucked up. We have cleaned the database up a bit, but there is still a bunch of customization that needs to be done just to make it look like the old cart.

How would you recommend approaching the problem. Should we continue working with the J1.7 VM2 site that we have. This will require long hours of rebuilding the price/attributes on many of the products.. but it is a viable solution. Or should we attempt the migration again. What would be stopping me from upgrading the old site to VM2, then moving it over to the new site. Would this approach retain all of the attributes/price/images?

Thanks again for your thoughts on the issue. I truly hope that someone says.. "just follow these steps and you should be fine: http://dev.virtuemart.net/projects/virtuemart/wiki/Upgrading_VM1_to_VM2_with_provided_packages" of course something tells me it's not that simple.


attributes, additional pictures, quantity pricing, are going to have to be done manually.

Attributes are different now. I dont know if others got additional images to migrate, but I did not.
Quantity pricing, I am not sure, but dont think that will migrate.

BUT, the good news is. You only have 150 products. I have 350 to do a lot manually.


Thank you for the prompt response. One more question just to clarify. We are not absolutely set on VM2, are there any other versions of VM that we could use with 1.7 that would allow for a quicker migration?