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Virtuamart Install issues....please help

Started by santonivich, October 20, 2011, 14:15:49 PM

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Good morning,

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get this working with Joomla Version 1.7.1 and I'm coming to the forum for help. As I mentioned I am using Joomla Version 1.7.1 and have installed VM2.0.0-RC-2i

My issue is this:

If I try to add a product I get the following error:
No Shop Currency defined! Go to

I try to set the no avail. I also have removed all currency but the US Dollar and still no help. So, I read on the forum that you need to install the sample data. So, I have done that....but the error I get changes.

With the sample data I click on PRODUCTS and I get an ERROR 500.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do in order to get this working correctly?

Thank you


try the tool in the migrator

"renew config by file"



do you have modules enabled? like the shopping cart? currency selector?


I had the same error just now and disabling the VM Currency Selector Module removed the error.

I hope that helps.


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