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[fixed]1.9.8.RC2G The products in the shopping cart have wrong links

Started by grtrustme, September 20, 2011, 23:25:14 PM

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I m using Ubuntu OS, Apache Web Server with mod_rewrite. I am also using SEO friendly urls without  index.php in my joomla 1.7.

I was adding products to my cart. When i went to see the contents of my cart and i clicked on a product, the link was wrong.
For example: instead of the link http://localhost/bestshop/test/powertools/nice-saw, the link was http://localhost/bestshop//bestshop/test/powertools/nice-saw

What i did was:
in the file /components/com_virtuemart/views/cart/tmpl/default_pricelist.php, about in line 150

i replaced the line
echo JHTML::link(JURI::root(true) .'/'.$prow->url, $prow->product_name).$prow->customfields;

with this line:
echo JHTML::link($prow->link, $prow->product_name) . $prow->customfields;

And the problem was fixed for me. You can see if this can be a permanent solution.


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