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Trust Commerce

Started by qevlhma, March 30, 2005, 19:51:09 PM

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Hi everyone.

I want to use Manbo-phpshop but my payment gateway is Trust Commerce.

I have not seen anyone post that they are using trust commerce.

I have php libs from them for payment and actually I know how to handle it using the php libs.

Anyone have any suggestions for me as to how I would go about interfacing it with Mambo?

How much work is it etc.



Nobody has any idea how hard this is?

Is there a standard format for the class that does the payment?  Standard methods? standard input / output?

Any information would be great.  I searched all over and I have found nothing.


From the FAQ:

Payment Module API for custom payment modules

Where do I get the API?

Please anyone?



just check the existing payment classes in /classes/payment/. You can use them to create your own module. If it's using a Form with POST method, you can use paypal, which stores the form code in the database.

ciao, Soeren
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Would you mind helping with this issue a bit further... We have a customer that wants to use this processor and we have looked at their code.. The Trust Commerce offers their own PHP files, but im sure there is a way to strip just what is needed to make it work for this... Just need guidance.


Try this:

I'm currently looking into the TrustCommerce gateway for a client who needs that.