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[solved] 1.9.8G Update Failure

Started by pinjosi, September 14, 2011, 13:03:11 PM

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Studio 42

I don't know if you have last version, but we added in last revision the possibility do disable internal VIrtuemart Jqeury to resolve such problems.
But in you case i think you dont have last revision.
YOu must get the last developper revision or delete manually the reference in your SLIDESHOW script.



hmm first i shut down every module and plugin i have still the same error. Then i removed /  uninstalled the slideshow manager (no error but template still not load).

There must be a solution right. With vm version 1.9.8F everything worked. With the update i have done 1.9.8G it isnt working anymore. Is there already a newer version then G??

i really hope i gonna solve this :)


The pin


you may use the svn just overwrite the files with ftp or simular.
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for your info i didnt have upgrade from vm 1.1 to 2.0 but did a clean install and started with VM 1.9.8E

ok gonna try to update to svn then. i will let you know milbo


maybe a stupid question but where can i download the svn package. i only can download is from the trunk site 1 by 1 :P


LOL YES!!!! finally i solved the problem. I removed the whole all in one package from the root (kept vm 1.9.8G installed) then i downloaden the all_in_one G version and installed it again. And you may not beleave this but it worked.

Guys tnx for all the effort you took to lead me the way.

Gonna search for the next bug,addon,extra,plus.


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