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Canada Post Shipping Module

Started by kode, November 03, 2005, 04:26:16 AM

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I have been running Mambo for a while now (eCommerce Edition) with the Canada Post shipping module. Everything was working great until I decided to change hosting companies and upgrade Mambo to Joomla at the same time.

After moving over to the new host the CP shipping module no longer works (I also had to reinstall Mambo & then import the data), I think is has to do with Aoache 2.0 (was running on 1.x). If I try to run the module on Joomla I also get XML errors (due to XML parser included in Joomla I think).

Has anyone installed PHP-Shop component with the Canada Post shipping module under Joomla and got it to work?

Help please!

Thanks in Advance :-)


Never Mind,

I had to merge the 'english.php' files from Joomla & the original Canada Post module.



I have had similar issues with Canada Post Module... The only french I saw was in the list of payment methods where the handling charge and arrival date disclaimers were coming up in french.

I discovered that they are hard-coded in, even though they are configurable in the module settings... if you change this (line 270 and 271 in ./administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/shipping/canadapost.php):

<?php echo "<SUP>1</SUP>La date de livraison est calculÔø&#937;e en ajoutant les normes de livraison de Postes Canada au dÔø&#937;lai dÔø&#937;exÔø&#937;cution des commandes.<BR>"?>
<?php echo "<SUP>2</SUP>Les frais dÔø&#937;expÔø&#937;dition sont calculÔø&#937;s en ajoutant les services de Postes Canada aux coÔø&#937;ts de manutention. Taxes incluses.<BR>"?>

to this

<?php echo "<SUP>1</SUP>" CP_ARRIVAL_DATE_EXPLAIN "<BR>"?>

your problems will go away.

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Pop Alexandra

Thanks for the tips!
Your solution worked like a charm. :)
Alexandra from Parcel service