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RC version

Started by Reincha, August 07, 2011, 17:01:11 PM

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i'm not a developer but would like to test new VM, but confused about the current version.
Sometimes i see 2.0 as latest  other times its 1.9.8 ....
how does the numbering goes?


i think i got the latest 1.9.8d..
..but then again look what VM says (see image)

please help to clear this for me

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ah the numbering is atm a bit nonsense, I admit

we had the idea to use even numbers for stable and odd for dev version.

Question is then... 2.1 is developer versoin of 2.0?  or 2.2. Both ideas have advantages.

And using things like alpha, beta, RC and so on are not so good for version checks.

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