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Website down after installation!

Started by shoeib, July 29, 2011, 13:48:10 PM

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I installed VM2 RC2 today and the website homepage doesnt show up anymore. I get a 500 internal server error.

Actually I had Vm 1.1.8 installed and installed VM2 over it. It worked at first but the products page didnt work.
Then I uninstalled and reinstalled VM2 again and could see the products page in backend.

Then I noticed that the site is completely down!

Any Ideas?


log into admin, and change the homepage menu back to vmart.

Set it to "default virtuemart layout"


I did that and now I get another kind of 500 error!

I mean it's not the browser error it's the joomla error page.

The website goes down as soon as I install "mod_virtuemart_allinone.1.9.8c"


You might try reseting the default page in your main menu.

Create a new menu item set to your choice of page.  Save it and make it the default and try your front end again.