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Translation of payment and shipment language files

Started by alatak, March 31, 2012, 15:19:14 PM

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The following payment methods do not need to be translated in all languages:

  • only english (United States)
  • systemPay: only french (France)
  • PayZen: only english (UK) , french (France). PayZen is also used in other countries. We will provide ourselves the languages files.
  • Klarna: only   Germany, Danemark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands. But don't translate them yet.

Extensions for VirtueMart: [url=][/url]



est ce à dire qu'il n'y a pas besoin de traduire, ou que tu as besoin de traducteurs ?
pour l'instant dans mon vm2 le module systempay français n'est pas traduit du tout


It means that systempay is only available in France, so it doesn't have to be translated into other languages because it is useless if you don't live in France.
It's this company: - not the american one you may find if you search for "systempay".
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Quoteest ce à dire qu'il n'y a pas besoin de traduire, ou que tu as besoin de traducteurs ?
pour l'instant dans mon vm2 le module systempay français n'est pas traduit du tout

SystemPay is in french. You do not need to translate it.
But we do need translator. If you are interested, just apply on transiflex.
Extensions for VirtueMart: [url=][/url]



I needed to use systempay in France BUT with an other language since the site is multilingual : French and Occitan, a regional language.

  • I made a copy of en-GB.plg_vmpayment_systempay.ini and en-GB.plg_vmpayment_systempay.sys.ini in my \administrator\language\oc-OC folder and renamed the files.
  • Then I added one line :
       <language tag="fr-FR">languageBE/oc-OC.plg_vmpayment_systempay.ini</language>
    to systempay.xml

  • Finally I copied the content of table jnew_virtuemart_paymentmethods_fr_fr into jnew_virtuemart_paymentmethods_oc_oc


To translators using transifex:

The special plugins for virtuemart (payment and shipment) have now a separate project at transifex
VirtueMart plugins localization -

The main project are just for the core files required to any language, its located as always at:
VirtueMart localization -



I have a problem in virtuemart2.0.22a...!

I migrated virtuemart1.1.9 to virtuemart2.0.22a successfully and works fine.But,In checkout page,
Shopper field is displayed as " COM_VIRTUEMART_REGISTER_EMAIL " instead of "E-Mail in front end.
I hope i configured shopper field correctly.
If i enabled Debug system and Debug Language,i am getting

"JROOT/administrator/language/da-DK/da-DK.plg_vmpayment_heidelpay.ini : fejl i linje(r) 64, 65, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 "

I am using danish language.if i use english language,No error applied and shows "E-mail" in front end. 
Where i done mistake? Any suggestion?

kind regards
Umapathi A


Quote from: umapathi on September 27, 2013, 07:33:42 AM
Where i done mistake? Any suggestion?

You didn't make a mistake. The source of this problem seems to be a copy and paste error somebody did in the english language source file. The lines listed by the Joomla Language Debugger are ending with ; which is wrong and the Transifex translation system turns this into more garbage.

I will try to correct this today for all language packs.

In the meantime you can correct these lines yourself in the file yourdomain\administrator\language\da-DK\da-DK.plg_vmpayment_heidelpay.ini
Open the file with a text editor like the free Notepad++ which is able to save text files encoded as 'utf-8 without BOM', locate the reported lines and delete the text right of the last "

Wrong Example:
Correct Example:

(Note: these lines are still untranslated, but I suppose in Denmark you don't need Heidelpay anyway)

Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?