Author Topic: USPS V5 - Rate query returned null results  (Read 2751 times)


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USPS V5 - Rate query returned null results
« on: April 13, 2011, 08:07:15 am »
I am no longer receiving rates from USPS. Credentials are good and I even tried updating to the new 2011-02-09 and get the following debug info.

Debug: Starting Shipping module: uspsv5
Debug: uspsv5::list_rates() - Starting
Debug: Shipment::addPackage() Adding a new bundled package
Debug: Shipment::addPackage() - Package Number: 1
Debug: Shipment::addPackage() - Package is Bundled
Debug: Shipment::addPackage() - Maxweight: 70
Debug: Package::addItem() - ***** Adding item 40 to package #1 *****
Debug: Package::addItem() - Package weight is now: 2
Debug: Package::query_rates() - Querying for Source: US/12345 , Destination: US/12345, Weight: 2, Value: 83.7
Debug: uspsv5::get_rates_array() - Calculating domestic shipping.

Debug: Package::query_rates() - Rate query returned null results.
Debug: Shipment::populate() - query_rates() failed.
Debug: uspsv5::list_rates() - shipment->populate() failed!
Notice: We are unable to ship via USPS at this time. System Error.

Thought it might be USPS having problems but I am not sure.

Called USPS and we are good to go there. I am using VM 1.1.6 W/ 1.1.7 patch.

Called web host today and they are having problems with SSL on their server. At one point the shipping was working and then the whole site went down. I will update this post when they are through fixing things.

The shipping is now displaying correctly. The problem was with the hosting
provider. They fixed a problem with the SSL on their server which corrected our site not coming up and then later realized, after calling again, they had to re-point our site to the correct purchased SSL IP Address. Our site was pointing to a shared SSL. Hope this has helped.


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Re: USPS V5 - Rate query returned null results
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2011, 04:42:28 am »
I am getting the same errors. This is my first time setting it up so I have no clue to how it is supposed look when functioning